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2017 Presentation Handouts and Supporting Documents

The following directory includes the presentations for which HLC has received supporting documents from presenters. Presentations are organized by program and listed alphabetically by title.

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General Program

Eligibility Workshop

Pathways Workshop

Note: Supporting documents for Peer Corps Program presentations are available through the app to registered program attendees only.

General Program

Academic Program Review: An Integrated Model (Interactive Workshop)

Primary Presenter: Jill Carlson

Academic Program Selection and Assessment

Primary Presenter: Robert Atkins

Accreditation Liaison Officers (ALOs): An Overview of the Role and What’s New at HLC (Interactive Workshop)

Primary Presenter: Mary Vanis

Advanced Understandings in Institutional Change

Primary Presenter: Tamas Horvath

Advancing Our Quality Initiative: From Proposal to Report, and Beyond

Primary Presenter: Steven Hawks

Advancing the Equity Imperative and Completion Agenda Through Gateway Course Continuous Quality Improvement Efforts

Primary Presenter: Andrew Koch

Aligning Culture With Technology to Produce Better Data for Learning

Primary Presenter: Summer Deprow

Appreciative Inquiry: Crowdsource Your Strategic Plan

Primary Presenter: Daniel Suvak

The AQIP Pathway

Primary Presenter: Linnea Stenson

The AQIP Pathway’s Comprehensive Quality Review

Primary Presenter: Karen Stewart

The AQIP Pathway’s Transition to the Assurance System

Primary Presenter: Andrew Lootens-White

The AQIP Pathway Systems Portfolio

Primary Presenter: Rob Spohr

AQIP Pathway Systems Portfolios: Providing Evidence for the Criteria

Primary Presenter: Rob Spohr

Basic Understandings in Institutional Change

Primary Presenter: Tamas Horvath

Becoming a Peer Reviewer at HLC

Primary Presenter: Babatunde Alokolaro

Bottoms Up: Using a Grassroots Approach for University Assessment

Primary Presenter: Breckie Church

Brain-Based Learning, Leadership, and Laughter

Primary Presenter: Peter Jonas

Change of Control, Structure or Organization: What It Is and Why You Should Care

Primary Presenter: Eric Martin

Changing the Culture of Assessment in the Student Affairs Division

Primary Presenter: Shari Nelson

Charting Your Course: Navigating the Future Through Integrated Planning

Primary Presenter: Ashley Buchman

Connecting What’s Possible: Putting a Sustainable Culture of Assessment in Place

Primary Presenter: Melissa Kibrick

Continuous Improvement: Developing Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment Processes

Primary Presenter: Lyn Sabino

Continuous Quality Improvement Case: Scaffolding Online Learning Using Multimedia

Primary Presenter: Na Li

Contractual Arrangements Revisited

Primary Presenter: Anthea Sweeney

Conversation and Closing Questions With HLC Staff Liaisons—Sweeney and Vanis

Primary Presenter: Anthea Sweeney

Creating Reports to Streamline HLC Accreditation

Primary Presenter: Stacy Becker

Credit Hour Review: Expectations, Considerations and Process

Primary Presenter: Karen Peterson Solinski

Data-Driven Academic Quality

Primary Presenter: Becky Takeda Tinker

Developing Meaningful Data to Support Student Success

Primary Presenter: Ronald Kawanna

Direct Assessment Through a Summer Assessment Workshop: Logistics, Benefits, Challenges

Primary Presenter: David LeVan

Enabled or Disabled by Online Program Managers?

Primary Presenter: Randy Bergen

Establishing an Academic Planning Structure and Process

Primary Presenter: Tracy Chapman

Evaluating Distance Education: Are You Ready?

Primary Presenter: Barbara Johnson

Everyone’s a Captain: Launching Faculty Development With Limited Resources

Primary Presenter: Barbara Wright

Evidence That CBE Delivers on Quality, Affordability, Access and Success Goals

Primary Presenter: Kimberly Pearce

Faculty Qualifications at HLC Institutions: Updates and Understandings One Year Later

Primary Presenter: Eric Martin

From Assessment to Curriculum Improvement

Primary Presenter: Claudia Douglass

Getting a Grip on Data: Waukesha County Technical College’s Data and Information Team

Primary Presenter: Dawn Voigt

Getting to Yes: Building Institutional Consensus to Strategically Address Student Success

Primary Presenter: Andy Chambers

Hispanic Success Initiative: Support for Hispanic Students at Non–Hispanic Serving Institutions

Primary Presenter: Luis Montes

HLC Complaints Process for Institutional Stakeholders

Primary Presenter: Zach Waymer

HLC’s Approval Protocol for Direct Assessment and Credit-Based Competency-Based Education

Primary Presenter: Jeffrey Rosen

HLC’s Student Opinion Survey

Primary Presenter: Stephanie Brzuzy

How Life-Cycle Analytics Are Delivering Transformative Student Services

Primary Presenter: Beth Ingram

Improving What We Do: Using Lean to Adapt to Change

Primary Presenter: Bonnie Slykhuis

Integrating Guided Pathways and Strategic Planning to Ensure Student Success

Primary Presenter: Kevin David

Integrating HLC Requirements Into Daily Operations Between Comprehensive Evaluations

Primary Presenter: Meridith Drzakowski

Leading a Campus Team to Navigate Through the Comprehensive Evaluation

Primary Presenter: Andi Lassiter

Leading From the Middle

Primary Presenter: Gayle Kearns

Listening Session on Immigration

Primary Presenter: Tom Bordenkircher

Listening Session on the Criteria for Accreditation

Primary Presenter: Eric Martin

Making Meaningful Contributions to Student Learning Outcomes in Student Affairs (Interactive Workshop)

Primary Presenter: Tammy Russell

Making the Most of Your Evidence

Primary Presenter: Anthea Sweeney

A Model to Develop and Sustain High-Quality Curriculum and Meaningful Assessment Practices

Primary Presenter: K. Laurie Dickson

Moving Beyond Sanction

Primary Presenter: Harold Shank

A Multi-institution Faculty Development Program That Works

Primary Presenter: Tracy Wacker

Navigating the AQIP Pathway’s Action Project Network

Primary Presenter: Stephanie Kramer

Navigating the Future in Academics for Students With Significant Disabilities

Primary Presenter: William Cario

Navigating Through a Comprehensive Evaluation Visit

Primary Presenter: Jean Deller

New Institutional Designations: “Financial Distress” and “Under Governmental Investigation”

Primary Presenter: Eric Martin

Numbers Are People, Too: Academic Program Review

Primary Presenter: Susan Wood

Online Assessment of Student Learning: An Efficient and Scalable Model

Primary Presenter: Karen DiGiacomo

Open Educational Resources: A Strategy to Encourage Persistence and Student Success

Primary Presenter: Lynette Olson

The Open Pathway

Primary Presenter: Jeffrey Rosen

The Open Pathway Year 4 Assurance Argument: Process, Evidence and Review

Primary Presenter: Jeffrey Rosen

Overview of the Quality Initiative Process

Primary Presenter: Jeffrey Rosen

Pathways Evaluation Project

Primary Presenter: Karen Solomon

Practical Tips for Navigating the Federal Compliance Report Requirements

Primary Presenter: Claudia Douglass

Preparation for the Comprehensive Evaluation

Primary Presenter: Jane Latane

Preparation for the Site Visit: President, Accreditation Liaison Officer and Peer Reviewer Perspectives

Primary Presenter: Robert (Bob) Haas

Preparing New Faculty, Student and Campus Leaders for the Future

Primary Presenter: Charlene Widener

Presenting Materials for Financial Panel Reviews: A Peer Reviewer’s Perspective

Primary Presenter: Larry Grieshaber

Process Mapping for Continuous Quality Improvement

Primary Presenter: Renee Guyer

Program Evaluation Faculty Love: Real Data, Real Buy-in, Real Results

Primary Presenter: Bethine Ellie

Putting Academics First in the Planning Process

Primary Presenter: Charles Perkins

Quality Peer Review to Create Best Practices for Online Learning

Primary Presenter: Julie Dilling

Raising the Bar: Narrowing the Success Gap Between Online and On-site Learning

Primary Presenter: Abour Cherif

Recommitting to a Culture of Inquiry: The South Dakota State University Assessment Academy

Primary Presenter: Mary Kay Helling

Rising to the Challenge: Creating an Opportunity Culture

Primary Presenter: Geoffrey Swindells

The Role of Adjunct (Contingent) Faculty in the Accreditation Process

Primary Presenter: Joanne Barnes

The Role of the Board and CEO in Accreditation

Primary Presenter: David Wilson

The Standard Pathway

Primary Presenter: Karen Solomon

State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA) Now and in the Future

Primary Presenter: Jennifer Parks

STEM for Economic Development

Primary Presenter: Casmir Agbaraji

Student Success and Program Quality: Giving Faculty the Data (Interactive Workshop)

Primary Presenter: Tracy Dryden

Student Success Navigators: Improving Student Satisfaction and Retention Through Advising

Primary Presenter: Kristi Hottenstein

Tips and Tools for Navigating Institutional Culture and Change

Primary Presenter: Victoria Livingston

Title IX Investigations: Viewing Best Practices From Inside and Outside

Primary Presenter: Joshua Engel

Tribal College Wisdom Sharing: Accreditation Processes

Primary Presenter: Pat Newton-Curran

Tribal College Wisdom Sharing: Becoming a Member of HLC’s Peer Corps

Primary Presenter: Babatunde Alokolaro

Tribal College Wisdom Sharing: Writing to the Criteria

Primary Presenter: Jo Lynn Autry Digranes

Understanding the Online College Student: Cultivating Data-Driven Enrollment Practices

Primary Presenter: Julie Delich

The University Journey of Assessment and Student Success

Primary Presenter: Carrie McCray

Using WIDS Technology for Outcomes-Based Planning and Assessment

Primary Presenter: Lea Ann Turner

What Institutions Should Consider When Submitting Interim Reports

Primary Presenter: Steve Kapelke

What’s Your Evidence? Utilizing Tk20 Reports for Accreditation

Primary Presenter: Shannon Helfinstine

Where Are They Now? The Work of Assessment After the Academy: A Case Study

Primary Presenter: Marcus Kolb

Working Hand-in-Hand: Programmatic Assessments and Institutional Outcomes

Primary Presenter: Frederick Burrack

Writing to the Criteria: Core Component 2.C.—Governance

Primary Presenter: Mary Vanis

Writing to the Criteria: Core Component 4.B.—Assessment

Primary Presenter: Tom Bordenkircher

Writing to the Criteria: Core Component 4.C.—Persistence and Completion

Primary Presenter: Karen Solomon

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Eligibility Workshop

Closing Session: Questions and Answers

Primary Presenter: Anthea Sweeney

The Eligibility Filing: Tips for Success

Primary Presenter: Anthea Sweeney

From Initial Contact to Initial Accreditation: An Overview of HLC Processes

Primary Presenter: Anthea Sweeney

Overview of Criteria and Assumed Practices

Primary Presenter: Anthea Sweeney

Understanding the Eligibility Process and Eligibility Requirements

Primary Presenter: Anthea Sweeney

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Pathways Workshop

35,000 Words: Small College, Small Staff, Large Job, Little Time

Primary Presenter: Sharon Procter

A Cart-Before-the-Horse Approach to Writing the Systems Portfolio

Primary Presenter: Deborah Loper

Accreditation 101 for First-Time Attendees

Primary Presenter: Andrew Lootens-White

Accreditation as a Strategic Opportunity: Preparing for a Successful Review

Primary Presenter: Joseph Shultz

Aligning AQIP Pathway Category Evidence and Evidence for the Core Components

Primary Presenter: Joan Costello

The AQIP Pathway and the Assurance System

Primary Presenter: Stephanie Kramer

The AQIP Pathway’s Comprehensive Quality Review

Primary Presenter: Karen Stewart

The AQIP Pathway Systems Portfolio

Primary Presenter: Rob Spohr

Campuswide Quality Initiative Projects: Panel Discussion

Primary Presenter: Monica Varner

Criteria 1 and 2

Primary Presenter: Mary Vanis

Criterion 3

Primary Presenter: Tom Bordenkircher

Criterion 4

Primary Presenter: Barbara Johnson

Criterion 5

Primary Presenter: Andrew Lootens-White

The Federal Compliance Program: Overview

Primary Presenter: Karen Peterson Solinski

HLC Pathways and Criteria for Accreditation

Primary Presenter: Karen Solomon

On Campus and in the Field: Peer Review and the Role of the Peer Reviewer in the Accreditation Process

Primary Presenter: Lee Bash

The Open Pathway Year 4 Assurance Argument: Process, Evidence and Review

Primary Presenter: Jeffrey Rosen

Planning for a Successful Site Visit

Primary Presenter: Barbara Johnson

Preparing for an AQIP Pathway Comprehensive Quality Review

Primary Presenter: Patricia Frohrib

Preparing for a Productive Open Pathway Site Visit

Primary Presenter: Gayle Kearns

Preparing for a Visit With Embedded Monitoring

Primary Presenter: Beth Jernberg

Preparing for a Productive Open Pathway Site Visit

Primary Presenter: Glendali Rodriguez

Preparing for Mandated Focused Visits

Primary Presenter: Sue Darby

Preparing for Multi-campus Reviews

Primary Presenter: Ingrid Gould

Preparing Institutional Finances for Evaluation

Primary Presenter: J. Lee Johnson

The Quality Initiative

Primary Presenter: Jeffrey Rosen

The Role of the HLC Staff Liaisons in the Accreditation Process—Johnson and Stenson

Primary Presenter: Barbara Johnson

The Role of the HLC Staff Liaisons in the Accreditation Process—Sweeney and Vanis

Primary Presenter: Anthea Sweeney

Utilizing AQIP Pathway Systems Portfolio Writing for Organizational Learning and Improvement

Primary Presenter: Heather Albinger

What Happened to the Criteria Committees? Another Organizational Approach

Primary Presenter: Jo Lynn Autry Digranes

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